We shouldn’t respect women…

Its International Women’s Day so I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in when it comes to the sexes.

I’m glad I was born a man. Sure, we get the ugly end of the stick when it comes to our bodies – what, with that awful appendage that looks like a bratwurst attached to a sack of skin that looks like we’ve had excessive weight loss in one very specific part of our body. But at least our bodies don’t hate us. At least they don’t rebel against us with monthly volcano-like eruptions from our genitalia.

Speaking of bodies, women’s bodies are so curvaceous. If comics and cartoons have taught me anything it’s that curvy is good and pointy is bad. Don’t believe me? Watch the opening sequence of Kung Fu Panda. People ogle women’s curves all the time, especially their boobs. Women could walk around all day with their breasts out and people would love it unless, of course, you chuck a baby on one of them and then all of a sudden people get offended. I thought baby making was part of a woman’s genetic code, why then do we crack the sads when people breast feed in public? It’s so confusing.

Then there’s the process of baby making itself. Women can’t escape labels when it comes to sex. If they get raped they asked for it, if they have lots of sex they’re a slut, if they don’t have sex they’re a prude. Bloke’s don’t have to deal with that stuff; if we’re having sex were a legend, if we’re not having sex we lie about it.

That’s just the superficial stuff too. There’s no reference above to the pay gap or the aspects of our society that have naturalised the marginalisation and othering of women.

I’m not saying I’ve got this equality thing down pat; I’m still prone to the odd sexist joke. All I’m saying is I’ve grown up a little. I’m a white, heterosexual male in a society where people of my genetic disposition have long been in power and have spent much of that time ensuring they keep it. I was born into privilege. It’s an invisible system but I’m not blind to it.

We shouldn’t respect women because they were born with a vagina, we should respect them because they’re people.

It’s the same reason we should respect people of other races and cultures. “Love thy neighbour,” and so on. Or, as been said elsewhere:

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