Superhero Sonnets

As a writer, there’s always a couple of ideas floating around in my head. These jostle for supremacy and the victor enjoys the benefits of being written into completion (unless there’s a coup, in which case the battle begins anew). The latest victor was a series of sonnets written about superheroes.

I’ve always had a fascination with myths and legends which developed into a love of superheroes when I was a teen. Since becoming a writer (and teacher) the sonnet is a form I find myself drawn to; combining these interests seemed like a logical course to follow.

I started by listing some of the heroes I thought I might encapsulate in this way:


You’ll have to excuse the terrible hand writing and photo quality.

Anyway, then I brainstormed my first hero; Spider-man.


The next pic will show my first draft. What it can’t show is the amount of lines I rehearsed on my fingers, counting syllables as I went, before they hit the paper.


This is pretty much how most of my poetry begins. Some of it is simply stream-of-consciousness but the more ‘important’ poems are planned first and often spoken before they are put on the page.

I’ve written two superhero sonnets now (one last night – Spider-Man, one tonight – Batman) and I’ve thrown these two on images even though I haven’t finalised them yet. Mostly I’ve done this because sometimes I like to share things before I refine them so I get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to find them, these two images can be found on my new Facebook page or on Twitter.

Happy reading!

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