The Think Behind The Ink: Part 2

This tattoo is probably my last; I want every piece to mean something and I have nothing more to signify or, at least, nothing I can think of right now. I joked with Emily, my tattooist, that if I win lotto I might celebrate with a full back piece in the shape of a dollar sign. I don’t really see this happening, however, as I only buy 2-3 lotto tickets per year.


Back to my latest tat…

This ambigram of father can be read right way up or upside down. This means that I can read it when I look at it and people can read it when they look at me and we can do this simultaneously.

Symbolically, this tat reflects the fact that I am a father twice over and also acknowledges that I have two fathers of my own (my birth dad and my step-dad). I also added a halo to one of the letters to represent that my birth-dad has passed away.

The halo also doubles as a wedding ring. For me, when I define myself as a father I use the term as a synecdoche (where one thing represents the whole). As such, the word father connotes family and not just the male figurehead.

That ends this post but I might explore my wife’s body art in a future update.




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