From Chaos to Calm

I was doing paper mâché with my yr 8s during the double period today. At some point towards the end of session 1 I threw a bag of flour to an EA and it bounced off of her hands, onto the floor and EXPLODED everywhere.

My kids, who had been fairly good to that point, went nuts. One boy started mopping up the flour with his hair, a girl put white hand prints on her chest and another boy got flour on his hands and proceeded to slap everyone in the class. Kids started trying to slide on it. Within five minutes everybody, including me, had flour on them.

I don’t know how we got there but half an hour later I turned to another EA and remarked on how sedate the kids were. They had put all of our materials away, cleaned the hallway and were in the process of writing responses to questions I had just put up on the board.

Sometimes the stars align and you think, “you know what? Maybe I can polish a turd.”

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