Meddling With Medleys

I’ve blogged before that I’m a fan of covers and medleys are like the ultimate cover song. I do appreciate when artists produce their own medleys but more often than not it is the domain of the fan.


When Lakyn Heperi appeared on the Australian version of The Voice in 2012 I was already aware of him because of his YouTube presence. I liked many of his covers but it was his mash ups of “Crazy” and “I Need a Dollar” and “California Gurls” and “Isn’t She Lovely” that I would find myself singing to my kids at night. The latter made me consider the meaning of medleys (always the English teacher) as the arrangement twists the connotations of the originals.


Dan Henig, who I blogged about in that earlier post, does a wicked mash up of songs from 2013 – I love that guy’s voice. Another cool medley is from Megan Davies who pairs up with Jaclyn Davies (who I assume is her sister) with an acoustic rendition of a number of Macklemore songs.


If quirky combinations are your thing, then Adam Hoek is your man. Here he combines “Free Falling” with Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”.


As a poet, I often think about the power of words and music. As such, two years ago I took a Maroon 5 classic and blended it with some of my own verse to twist the meaning and create something new. For some reason it is stored off of my normal YouTube channel but it’s something I’m really happy with. I hope you like it too.



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