New Poetic Forms

I’m writing a new book and challenging myself in the process. I don’t want to give everything away but it will contain 52 different poetic forms. When I started thinking about this I realised that I probably only knew 15 or so types of poems and generally only write around 5 of those on a regular basis.

So I’ve been doing some research.

I’ve found ‘new’ forms to play with. Kyrielle, hay(na) ku, haibun, and a whole heap more. I’ve also used some of these in my classroom as the nuances of each let me direct the students’ focus. One of these was a nonet; a nine line poem with nine syllables in the first line, eight in the next and declining by one syllable per line as the poem progresses.


I wrote this one in front of them:

This poem should have nine syllables

in the first line and the next one

should have eight and then seven.

The fourth line should have six

syllables; then five.

Four on the next

and then it’s

three, two,



I also Googled a good example for them 😉

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