You Can Lead a Worker to the Staffroom but You Can’t Make Him Drink

Friday afternoon drinks are a staple of Australian culture and probably many countries worldwide. After all, “Everybody’s working for the weekend.” Obviously it’s more than just celebrating the end of the working week, it’s also about enjoying the company of your colleagues and many offices try to capitalise on this comradery and host drinks on their own grounds. They do this to encourage staff to socialise with each other to create better working environments and relationships. If they don’t host it on site they assume people won’t attend, that once they get in their car they’re more likely to drive home than drive somewhere to hang out with workmates.

Or at least that’s how I read it.

I blogged before that the younger staff in my office energise me. It’s that particular group that lead our regular expedition to the pub on a Friday afternoon and, honestly, I would much rather drink in that environment than any working one. There’s a reason people say things like, “don’t shit where you eat.” Sometimes you just need that distance. It’s not just distance from your workplace, it can also be distance from your bosses. When we’re at the pub we are completely natural. There’s no need to censor yourself because you are concerned what your superiors might think, you just act the way you want to act because you know your friends and colleagues accept you for who you are.

I love the people I work with. I love the nuances of our relationships; the teasing, the japes, the in-jokes and the storytelling. I love that I share interests with many of them – I get to geek out with the girls and talk footy with the lads.

I’ve had issues with teaching in the past. It’s never been with the students. Kids are kids, if you have a basic understanding of how they tick then you are never surprised by what they do. Adults are a different kettle of fish. The politics of teaching has bitten me in the bum too many times. But, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think about that sort of stuff when I’m around the other English staff because they make me feel safe.

They make me feel wanted.

They make me feel.

3 thoughts on “You Can Lead a Worker to the Staffroom but You Can’t Make Him Drink

  1. How do you manage conversations at the pub where people are bitching about work the whole time? I like it for a little bit, but then sometimes when I try to steer the conversation onto non-work topics, certain people are very good at steering the conversation back to work again. lol. Maybe it’s because that’s the common ground. I just worry sometimes how the work conversation at the pub, might spill back into the office on Monday and cause trouble.


    • Generally we don’t discuss work at all. I think it’s partly because we’ve gone off site. Mostly the conversation is around weekend plans.

      Sometimes work talk is unavoidable but so far nothing said has fed back to the office on Monday. We’re all pretty chummy, we work closely together and our issues seem to be common ones so backlash from our conversations is unlikely.


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