Free Comic Book Day

Today is Free Comic Book Day so I took my daughter down to the local comic store – Cosmic Comics in Rockingham.

The store puts on a great event. There were raffles, colouring competitions, cosplay, show bags, stalls, signings, a sausage sizzle and (most important of all) free comics!


While my daughter spent 30 minutes colouring in a huge Avengers picture I wandered the store, picked up a showbag and had a laugh with Batman.

Scene: Batman is flicking through stacks of old comic books.

Me: Looking for yourself?

Batman: Yeah, I’m 75 now, the memory’s not what it used to be. I have to look through my back catalogue to remind me of my adventures.

Anyway, when I bought my show bag I was asked which of the free comics I would like. It was a tough choice. There were so many options and heaps that matched my interests but I ended up passing on The Tick, Teen Titans and a host of others to walk away with the Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter and an All New, All Different Avengers. There were a couple of comics in the show bag too. Plus, I grabbed copies of Marvel’s Previews.

When my daughter finished colouring she took her picture up to the counter and payed for her lucky dip (which ended up being a Batman key-ring she’s attached to the zip on her bag). She was also offered free comics – she grabbed a Ninja Turtles one for herself and a Raving Rabbids for her brother.

Both kids benefited from my purchase too, claiming the temporary tattoos, sticker, balloon and toys from my show bag for themselves.

All up, it was a great experience and I’m looking forward to next year’s event.

Hopefully you’ve all gotten into your local comic store too. Happy reading!

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