AFL Round Review: Round 3 in Haiku

Collingwood (21.14.140) def St Kilda (10.6.66)

The Magpies took flight

in a dominant display

after quarter time.

Carlton (11.18.84) def by Essendon (16.9.105)

The Dons won the game

but Chris Yarran won the fight

with a strong left hook.

Adelaide (12.8.80) def Melbourne (7.13.55)

Feathers were ruffled

as Vince roughed up Dangerfield

and the Dees played hard.

Sydney (16.15.111) def GWS (12.18.90)

The Swans got the win

in the Battle of the Bridge

but they lacked the Goodes.

North Melbourne (16.9.105) def by Port Adelaide (17.11.113)

Port got their first win

in an absolute thriller.

North were valiant.

Brisbane (8.10.58) def by Richmond (21.11.137)

The big cats faced off

but the Tigers roared loudest

and scared the young cubs.

Hawthorn (19.13.127) def Western Bulldogs (8.9.57)

Cyril owned the skies

as the Hawks thrashed the Bulldogs

in Tasmania.

Geelong (16.9.105) def Gold Coast (13.18.96)

One thing is certain,

bad kicking meant bad footy

for the wayward Suns.

West Coast (12.9.81) def by Fremantle (17.9.111)

The Derby was won

by the quarter time siren

as Freo ran hot.

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