Complete, 214 Valentine’s Day Erasure Poem by Ron Barton

This was my first ever attempt at erasure poetry. It’s a fascinating form and a Google image search reveals some beautiful examples. I’ve since used it as a classroom activity for low ability students and a number of my colleagues have now done the same. In fact, we’ve started a box in our storeroom where we have books we’re happy to destroy in the name of this art form.

Silver Birch Press

by Ron Barton

Brian held on for a second time.
But nothing happened.
The doorbell didn’t ring.
Nor did the telephone.
He went to bed frustrated.
The next day Brian was on his way down to the park
when he came upon a woman.
Brian smiled to himself.
He reached for his ticker.
The woman was young and pretty
–  younger and prettier.
“I’m very sorry,” she said.
“But I’ve managed to fix you.”

SOURCE: “Complete” by Ron Barton is based on page 214 of The Complete Horowitz Horror by Anthony Horowitz (Puffin, 2008), available at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Published twice by Tincture Journal in 2013, Ron Barton is a fresh face to the Perth (Australia) poetry scene. His first collection of poetry, *If God is a Poet*, was released at the end of 2012 and, more recently, he has had poems displayed at the Sydney Fringe Festival and the…

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