@lootcrate January 2015 review

loot crate rewind

Theme: Rewind

What do you get?
T-shirt, notebook, figure, tie, comic, sunglasses, mag, badge.

Voltron T-shirt

I love this! The blueprint design really stands out with its bright blue lines and black background. Plus, I used to watch Voltron and have fond memories of a massive Voltron toy that got lots of usage in elaborate lounge room battles. I wore this to work (student free day) the day after I received my crate. A+

Comic Notebook

I can’t draw but that only detracts slightly from this awesome notebook. Each page has a series of panels for you to create your own comic and there’s even a tear-out sheet that has a variety of speech bubbles you can trace around like a stencil. I’ll probably ‘publish’ a poem in this format. Another A grade item.

Space Invaders Tie

This design on this skinny black tie is pretty cool BUT I don’t wear ties to work. If not for the fact I have some weddings coming up, this wouldn’t get any use at all. I’m guessing I’m not the only person in this boat so I’ll only award a C grade here.

Retro Game Inspired Figure

I’ve just started buying Funko Pop vinyl figures after finally selling all of my old action figures at some point last year. As such, I’m not really interested in starting a new collection. That said, I think these figures are pretty cool. I love the concept and I got the ‘cartridge’ I wanted – one with a Mars Attacks inspired design. This isn’t something I would buy but it’s a cool gift. Grade: B

Marvel Star Wars #01 Comic

If I get a comic in something like this I always hope it’s a one-shot or a first issue; I’m not overly interested in chasing up the rest of a series if it’s not something I have already been following. So, I’m really happy with this item. The cover is awesome as Han and Chewy pose by some interplanetary Loot Crates. Grade: A

8bit Retro Sunglasses

These glasses might be okay for a fancy dress party or something like that but no person in their right mind is going to wear them as their normal sunnies. It’s a D grade for this one.

Loot Crate Magazine and Badge

If I’m being honest, I’m not impressed by these things. The magazine is just a physical copy of the electronic zine that appears in your inbox and that seems like a waste of paper. The badge, while I like the cassette tape design, is not something I’m going to wear and I don’t have a satchel or anything else that I use to store/display badges. Grade: D

All up, the Rewind themed box was pretty great; the unique items are all really cool. I still don’t known if the reward is greater than the risk, especially when paying for the international postage, but this box might be enough to keep my subscription going.

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