My first time with @lootcrate

My mum went oversees when I was a little kid and left me with my grandparents. While she was away she would send me letters and cards covered in hand drawn (or traced, I never asked) pictures of my favourite characters. Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Grover and company would use speech bubbles to keep me informed of Mum’s whereabouts and respond to whatever Nanna had told Mum in her last letter.

I loved it but it raise my expectation of what letters should be. Nothing delivered in the mail has been as cool. Until now.
I recently had my first Loot Crate experience.
For the uninitiated among us, Loot Crate is a geeky gift delivery service. There are heaps of companies doing this now but many of them don’t deliver to Australia; Loot Crate does.
So I signed up and waited. I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d done a bit of research and checked out past crates but it doesn’t matter, you can’t really predict what you’re going to get. You get clues but you can’t know for certain until you open the box.
Or at least that’s the idea.
Living in Australia and getting the December crate, possibly the busiest postal period of the year, meant that while many Americans received theirs in 2014 mine didn’t arrive until the 8th of January. In the meantime, Loot Crate had emailed me an electronic copy of the magazine that comes in the box and I’d ignored the spoiler warnings and proceeded to read it.
Nevertheless, when my crate finally came, I was still giddy with anticipation as I opened it. And here’s what I got: an exclusive Funko Pop vinyl figure, a Simpsons wallet, Tetris stickers, a Batman comic with an exclusive cover, a Captain America air freshener, a badge, Groot socks, a Ghostbusters door hanger and the magazine mentioned above.
I love the Pop vinyl and the Groot socks. The Simpsons wallet is pretty cool and the air freshener was put straight in the car. Admittedly I’ve put the Tetris stickers and Batman comic on eBay but I wouldn’t have if they were magnets instead of stickers and if the comic was a one-shot and not part of a series.
January’s crate has the theme Rewind and promises to “give you EXCLUSIVE items from Star Wars & Voltron! That’s not all, we are also bringing you some epic geek apparel, including an exclusive & licensed shirt, so you can kick off the new year in style! Finally get ready to decorate your desk with an awesome retro gaming-inspired mashup figure!”
I’ll do a proper review when mine arrives. If you want to get on board, here’s the link.

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